The life of a man consists not in seeing visions and in dreaming dreams, but in active charity and in willing serviceHenry Wadsworth Longfellow

This coming Sunday, 20th March, 26 volunteers will run a tag marathon in aid of Sport Relief in 15 minute stages starting at 7am and finishing at approximately 1:30pm. From Bushy Park to the south west of London to Reigate in Surrey via Rome and Romania.

I think this might be a unique event, as the whole thing has been arranged, and will be managed and promoted on the day and beforehand, via Twitter. The participants will, for the most part, not meet each other on the day and are spread over a wide geographic area. Two legs are being run by children. One leg is being conducted by bicycle. Some legs will be walked. Dogs will run too. Some of us have met in real life before. Twitter is the place that brought us all together. For work, for friendship, for learning and for giving.

Sport Relief is a biennial charity event, in association with BBC Sport, which brings together the worlds of sport and entertainment to raise money to help vulnerable people in both the UK and the world’s poorest countries. You can find out more about the work they do here.

The volunteers need your support. On the day we’ll all be tweeting about the event using the hashtag #tweepathon. Expect to see photos and videos of each leg. Please tweet with us on the day and share the event far and wide. Sport Relief need your donations. We have a Just Giving page set up. THE LINK TO DONATE IS HERE.

I want to take the opportunity to thank all of the volunteers for giving up their time to support this amazing cause that does such great work in the world. Here are their names and running times:

7am Simon Heath 7:15 Evie Heath 7:30 Gemma Reucroft 7:45 Julie Drybrough 8:00 Mike Collins 8:15 Jon Bartlett 8:30 Andy Jacobs 8:45 Tim Scott 9:00 Alison Chisnell 9:15 Ady Howes 9:30 Damiana Casile 9:45 Mark Catchlove 10:00 Sarah Boyd (plus bump) 10:15 Dawn Smedley 10:30 Tamasin Sutton 10:45 Rowena Bach 11:00 David James 11:15 Catalina Contoloru 11:30 Lisa Minogue-White 11:45 Ailsa Suttie & P 12:00 Ana Marica 12:15 Mat Davies 12:30 Amanda Arrowsmith 12:45 Phil Willcox 13:00 Ian Pettigrew 13:15 David & Olwen D’Souza

Thanks in advance for your support and donations and for making a difference in the world.



  1. Reblogged this on The Resource Force and commented:
    Absolutely genius idea. No way I could run a marathon, but excited to be part of this Tweepathon on Sunday. Please donate generously

  2. Reblogged this on Pontecarlo or Bust and commented:
    So I will be taking part in this with my reluctant companion Goose this weekend – please help us out with a few quid!

  3. Reblogged this on Lost and Desperate and commented:
    A year ago I couldn’t run.

    On Sunday I’ll be running a mile as part of this and would appreciate your support.

  4. […] A great bunch of people have harnessed the power of social media and crowd sourced a charitable contribution to this year’s Sport Relief. If you haven’t yet seen the post about this from organiser Simon Heath where have you been? You need to check it out just here. […]

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