Monthly Archives: February 2013

Eureka! A Yahoo! Moment?

Well, hasn’t this decision by Yahoo! got everyone in a spin! Of course the spin being put on it differs greatly depending on the particular lens through which you view the world of work. No more “The Office is Dead” or perhaps the last throw of the dice of Taylorism. For me, the announcement neatly […]

A Workplace Away With The Fairies?

With social media traffic adding every week to the pantheon of work/place commentary some are starting to question whether all of those contributing to the conversation are really all that qualified to voice their opinions. In an excellent piece on his journey to becoming a “Workplace Consultant”, Adrian McNeece wrote with candour about the depth […]

When Workplace Design Has A Fonz Moment

In 1977 that post-ironic icon, The Fonz, jumped over a shark on waterskis and to the vernacular was added a phrase that is (to quote Wikipedia) “used to describe the moment in the evolution of a television show when it begins a decline in quality that is beyond recovery.” To wit, “Jumping The Shark”. The […]

Get Out Of The Way

Imagine Usain Bolt trying to run the 100 metres with his coach running backwards in front of him barking instructions and with spikes on only one shoe. In this scenario he’d be lucky to cross the line in under ten minutes, let alone under 10 seconds. And herein lies the lesson for managers and those […]