Monthly Archives: January 2016

An Unqualified Success?

We’ve all found our way to where we find ourselves by different routes. It’s incredibly hard to ascribe success to any one decision or piece of good fortune. I do think that, in my own small way, I’ve been successful and (after no small amount of prompting) I thought it would be useful for me […]


I know of nothing more valuable, when it comes to the all-important virtue of authenticity, than simply being who you are – Charles R. Swindoll There’s a well-worn trope from the Superman story where mild-mannered reporter, Clark Kent, runs out of the revolving door at the entrance to the Daily Planet and, as it swiftly […]

A Field Guide To Workplace Terminology – Part III

The start of a new year seems as good a place as any to publish this, the third part of the lexicon of corporate bullshittery. You can read Parts I & II here and here. Accountability – What dimwit recruiters in the Financial Services sector go looking for. Action – Doing things for someone whose ego […]