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HUMANE, RESOURCED – The First Review

UPDATE (29 October 2013) – Humane, Resourced is now available to buy online with all proceeds going to some very deserving charities. You might have thought that modesty would forbid me from even considering a review of a book to which I have contributed but you’d be quite wrong. Perhaps we should view this as […]

The Despair Of Dogma

The earliest accounts of the unicorn appear not in Greek mythology, as is commonly thought, but in writings on natural history, the unicorn being widely accepted as a real animal. An Alexandrian merchant of the 6th century, Indicopleustes, recorded as fact reports of the animal’s characteristics and behaviour having seen and enquired upon brass figurines […]

Knee-jerk Stupidity

The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. Albert Einstein NZLead, run with passion and downright honest hard work by Amanda Sterling and Tash Pieterse, is arguably one of the very best sources of conversation and thinking on workplace matters on the planet. The quality of contributors is incredibly high and […]