Minute waltz

Time stays long enough for anyone who will use itLeonardo Da Vinci

Day one at the CIPD L&D Show done and time to reflect on what I’ve heard and the conversations I’ve had. Time and again my thoughts come back to time. We’ve looked at resources and budgets. The immovable objects that the unstoppable force of learning must contend with. The one thing that will flex is time. And it’s time where learning will happen.

For me, the one thing that L&D professionals simply must fight for is time. Time for themselves in which to explore the WHY, the WHAT and the HOW. To understand where the organisation needs to be. What is needed to get there and the how to get there. And the time to take these messages to the people who make the continued existence of the organisation possible.

And having fought, and won, this time to gift it to those people. The time to hear and process the WHY. The time to collaborate on WHAT will give them the best chance of success and to determine best HOW they’ll get there themselves.

We need time to appreciate what we need to learn. Time to express that need. We need time in which to learn it. We need time to reflect. We need time to experiment. Seek evidence. Apply lessons. To recover from failure. We need time.

If you’re going to go in to battle for learners in your organisation you’re going to need time. And so are they.

It’s time to fight.

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