Monthly Archives: April 2013

Into The Heart Of Workplace Darkness

In 1899, Joseph Conrad produced Heart of Darkness, a short novel ostensibly about Charles Marlow’s work as an ivory transporter in Africa. In the course of his work Marlow becomes obsessed with Kurtz, an ivory agent, notorious amongst the local population and the European colonials. This work is interpreted as a thematic exploration of savagery, […]

They Don’t Like It Up ‘Em

I recently spent a convivial evening in one of London’s better pubs with a diverse group of commentators on the world of work and on people in work. It was my first experience of meeting in person, and en masse, people from my social media network. With a few notable exceptions, I had not met […]

“There is absolutely no greater high than challenging the power structure as a nobody, giving it your all, and winning!”

I recently wrote a blog post that proved to be one of the more popular ones I’ve posted. It concerned itself with the plight of the common man in the modern world of work. It is a theme that’s been touched on more than a few times in my writing, consciously or otherwise. This blogpost […]

Your Choice Of Topic Here

I’m using this post to announce a new Twitter/Blog crossover challenge. Where the Big 152 Twitter Experiment is all about visuals, this one is pretty much all about words. 3 words to be precise. In week ending Friday 12th April, I will publish a new blogpost. However, in a departure from my normal methodology, the […]