I’m not you

I’m not you. I never will be. I never can be. I’m not a woman. I’m not black. I’m not Asian. I’m not a Christian or a Muslim. I’m not Australian or Austrian. I’m not a fan of Justin Bieber. I’m not a refugee. I’m not an OAP. I’m not young. I’m not disabled. I’m not autistic. I’m not gay. I’m not Millenial. I’m not AI. I’m not a tree. I’m not a pangolin. I’m not a Corbynista. I’m not a Brexiteer.

All the things I’m not are not me. I’ll only ever be me and I can’t walk a mile in your shoes.


I can try. We are all sailing through space on this beautiful, brilliant blue marble. Together.

I can try. Try to pull you up. Try to give you a voice. Try to make you visible. Try to find a way. Try to celebrate our difference and, paradoxically, make it an irrelevance. To recognise our uniqueness and the unique contribution we could all make. Together.

I’m not you.

I’m not afraid to try.


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