Desert Island #PLN

Without music, life would be a mistake – Friedrich Nietzsche

For the uninitiated, #PLN stands for Personal Learning Network. A group of people you are connected to (closely or loosely) from diverse disciplines with information, knowledge and insight that is shared freely across the immediate network and beyond. People from whom one learns.

My good pal, the brilliant and lovely Fiona McBride has been curating some blog posts on this very subject. This set me thinking and I thought I’d try a little experiment of my own.

Over the next 20 days I’m going to collate a #PLN playlist. On Twitter I’m going to ask people to give me just one track each. This track has to carry some special meaning for that person and when they let me have their track they also have to tell me just why that piece holds particular resonance for them.

So,  if you like to take part just tweet me @SimonHeath1 or email and add #PLNplaylist to your tweet or email. Once I have all the submissions I will post them all here as a list and include a link to a Spotify playlist and YouTube links to the pieces themselves.

I’m really excited at what might turn up and I hope you will feel moved to participate.

Rock on.


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