2014 all smlAs 2014 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on another successful year of doodling. Twitter continues to be the ultimate source of all of my business either directly or through word-of-tweet referrals. I am truly grateful to everyone who has trusted me to help them out. It’s a privilege to be entrusted with helping to bring your stories to life and to help people navigate personal and corporate challenges. Below is a list of who I’ve worked with and what we’ve done together. Thank you, each and every one. You do the really hard work.

The smashing folk at the British Institute of Facilities Management asked me to come along to the inaugural roundtable kicking off a joint initiative between them and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) to illustrate the themes and concepts under discussion. I’ve blogged about my wider involvement in this initiative previously here.

Bridget Hardy of The Cabinet Office Property Unit kindly got in touch to ask if I could join them as they launched a new initiative across multiple government departments and bring the story to life with visuals. By stroke of serendipity it meant I also got to work alongside Martin Hale who I’d bumped into the previous week for the first time at the RSA. I managed to get through security at the Home Office wearing one of Doug Shaw’s Repeat Offender badges.

Cass Business School came to me having had a recommendation from a former staff member of Judge Business School in Cambridge (who I have previously worked with through Kate Griffiths-Lambeth). I’ve been helping them illustrate learning journeys for prospective clients and went along with them help out with a pitch to a big public sector client.

Primark bigwig Barry Flack asked me to give his online persona a visual identity. After discussing his philosophy, we landed on the idea of a gorilla – steadfast and challenging.

I worked with City & Guilds last year on the first part of their leadership programme. They invited me back to capture part two over three days in Cambridge.

A stand-out highlight of the year has to be working with three considerate, thoughtful, wise, funny and constant friends, Kate Griffiths-Lambeth, David D’Souza, David Goddin and the excellent Professional Services Programme team at Judge Business School again.

The CIPD have also kept me busy this year. I’ve done visual blogging for two of their major conferences, illustrations for internal comms and an animation of Peter Cheese discussing the future of work and the challenges and opportunities for the HR profession.

I’ve spent a lot of time with “The BBC’s Chris Kane” this year, helping him with content for his keynote speeches and on the joint BIFM/CIPD initiative.

Peter Hiscocks, CEO of Executive Education at Cambridge Judge Business School asked me to design a poster for presentation at a conference he was attending. He won a prize for it!

Liverpool fan Conor Moss, Business Engagement Fellow and Principal Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University tasked me with illustrated slide content for a keynote address and to come along to a client event to visualise leadership “manifestos”.

At the invitation of dialogue expert and awesome human Julie Drybrough, I flew up to Glasgow to facilitate the “Drawing Room” at the first Scottish L&D unConference.

My lovely friends at Haymarket Publishing came back to me again for illustrations for a presentation on their “Analytic Ear” concept.

Happiness evangelist and all-round star, Sarah Boyd, brought me an opportunity to produce an animation for Kent & Medway Health Informatics Services.

I’m grateful once again to Simon Gibson and Alison Germain of NBC Universal for bringing me back for a second helping of fun, this time illustrating a two day leadership event.

I’ve never met NHS OD wunderkind Paul Taylor in person but I know he’s a brilliant guy with a real passion. My work with Paul is top secret but enormous fun.

I’ve been up to all sorts of high jinks with David D’Souza again this year. I can’t really call it work because it never ever feels like that.

Thanks to an introduction from Penguin Random House Group HRD Neil Morrison and working with Joanne Mallia and her fab team I’ve been honoured to illustrate both their Editorial and Publisher conferences in London this year.

I got to work with old school friend Philippa Patterson in 2014, providing her with imagery for her fundraising consultancy business down in Cornwall.

Perry Timms has been a constant source of support and opportunity again this year. With Perry’s help we put on an artworking masterclass (you can read a great write up by Katrina Collier here). I also got to participate in the UK leg of the HR Game Changer extravaganza.

Selzig Consulting’s founder and MD Alex Moyle got some balloon-inspired illustrations for presentations and their website and together we facilitated a values and behaviours workshop for one of his clients.

Doug Shaw smuggled me on to a flight to Dubai to spend two days with the folks from Thomson Reuters to help them wrestle with business transformation challenges. Doug is right out of the top drawer. Knowledgeable, exploratory and excellent company.

For Mark Eltringham and Paul Carder its been cover art for Work & Place and Mark has also been kind enough to continue to find space over at Workplace Insight to publish my rants and ramblings.

If you cut him in half (please don’t) Herman Miller’s Mark Catchlove would have “great bloke” written through him like a stick of rock. Mark had me in to help illustrate their Scenarios 2018 workshops.

Project Libero’s Jon Bartlett got a spiffy new logo and a walk in the park and along with Julie Drybrough, Jon and I spent a day with NHS Employers, facilitating a conversation about how the various disciplines might work more coherently together.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology I was able to help NZLead’s Amanda Sterling down in New Zealand develop the concepts for the UnfurlingHR unConference and produce a logo to go with it.

Long-standing clients, Roche Products Ltd brought me more fun stuff to do this year. A landscape graphic and an animation to help bring a new processes to life, and illustrated name badges for people attending an event in Basel.

Thanks to Andy Pont, I’ve been doodling away for South Tynedale Railway once again. It’s a lovely project to be involved in, even if only in a small way.

Gemma Reucroft, UK HR Director for Tunstall Healthcare came to me for help in producing an animation as a way of making their company induction process more engaging and, along with the wonderful Ian Pettigrew and Scotland’s finest, Julie Drybrough I also got to go to Pontefract racecourse to illustrate for a leadership away day.

Nicola Texeira, Resourcing Advisor at the Francis Crick Institute came to me to see if I could design and facilitate a day we ended up calling “Team Build & Transformation Readiness”, a hugely successful day with a mix of self-reflection, Street Wisdom, creative listening exercises and group discussion.

I’m wrapping up the year with four live projects. Phil Willcox has given me a challenging assignment for Boots Opticians, Liz Kentish has me helping her with some dragon-slaying, I’m still artist-in-residence for One Housing Group’s CEO roadshows into the new year thanks to Sukh Pabial and I’ve got a little something on the go for Neil Morrison at Penguin Random House.

All my animation work is filmed and edited (and given an extra dash of magic) by the stalwart Dominic Witherow.

There have been countless other people who I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with throughout the year. Each and every one of them has in some way enriched my life. So thanks to all of those who I haven’t mentioned here.

I hope Santa brings you everything you’ve wished for (even if you have been a bit naughty).
Merry Christmas.



  1. And rounded off with the best off-the-cuff news cartoon of the year.

  2. Bring on 2015 🙂

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