Paradoxical Productivity Pursuit

Productivity. The Holy Grail for workplace management when there’s no widget rolling off a conveyor belt in the world of knowledge work. Efforts to find an effective way of measuring productivity are exercising a great many of us right now. We’re also examining the things that affect our productivity. As my initial contribution, I’ve undertaken an extensive, exhaustive research programme to produce the definitive list of the things that are making us less productive. I hope it throws some light on the issue.


Afterthought: As I write, it occurs to me that one might just as well add “People asking us about productivity” to the list. But we can each and every one of us take personal responsibility for ensuring that we don’t allow ourselves to become distracted, to be firm but polite with those who would distract us and to discard the things we use that divert us from our course.


  1. I could definitely get more done if I didn’t have to keep sorting stuff out for my clients, and my team, and my family 🙂

  2. […] väga harva saab lugeda sedavõrd laiaulatuslikku ja samas sĂĽgavuti minevat uurimistööd, kui Simon Heathi täielik nimekiri asjadest, mis segavad meid olemast veelgi tootlikumad. Palun, siin see […]

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