P.O.E.T.S. Corner


I’m following the sage advice of the incomparable Doug Shaw and overcoming my fear of an artform that I find challenging at best, poetry. I’ll update this post as and when the muse takes me.

First up, three haiku:

Work, a waking dream
In cubicled entrapment.
Vertiginous leap.

Global access now.
Cursor describes lazy arcs.
A search. Still searching

Twitter, chorus call
To a window on a world.
Dimensions expand.

And slightly less challenging, a couple of limericks:

There was a young man from HR,
Who managed his team from afar.
When review time fell due,
He knew just what to do,
And used feedback to help raise the bar.

There was a young workplace consultant,
Who’s flexible working was constant.
His boss got the hump,
Was a bit of a chump,
And now he’s been made redundant.



  1. My favourite kind of writing. Although poems don’t come to order – and that can be wonderful if you are in flow, but terrible if you have a deadline to meet. I’m six weeks overdue for one of mine – I’d never dream of doing this for work, but it just wouldn’t come out. Then suddenly there it was.

    1. Its an odd experience for sure. Need to think harder on this than on artworking. Good to flex different cerebral muscles.

  2. What a super blog
    Poetry is uplifting
    Will you write more please?

    1. I certainly will,
      Till I’ve had my fill
      of verse and end with a curse.

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