In my last post but one I said a little bit about what I now do for a living. This post expands on that by delving into the topic of sketchnoting.

Sketchnoting is a technique in which one uses imagery and diagrams in note-taking as a way of anchoring memory, concepts, context and themes. Done well, it helps bring content to life in a unique and compelling way. It provides an opportunity for warm humour and leaves a long-lasting impression. You’ll never want to throw your meeting or conference notes away again and I guarantee it’ll be much easier to recall what the hell was going on.

As a consulting artist with a corporate background I am uniquely placed to offer sketchnoting as one of my services. This might see me sitting alongside your senior management team on a strategy retreat, attending a sales meeting or capturing the Chairman’s town hall address. Pricing is bespoke to the project as every single one is different and the outputs and production can vary depending on the scenario.

If you like the example shown here, please do get in touch ( I’d love to hear what you need to say and help you say it well and unforgettably.

I am indebted to Julie Drybrough and Peter Cook for allowing me to sketchnote their Google Hangout. You can see the actual interview here on Peter’s blog. You can read more about Julie’s fascinating Dialogue work here. Both of them are worthy of your further attention and both would bring a new dimension to the way your business works and talks together.

NB: Don’t be put off by the small thumbnail below. Just click and it’ll open bigger.
sketchnote master2



  1. […] am absolutely made up with the work of Simon Heath who sketchnoted the film in his blog at SKETCHNOTE BLUE.  Simon may be contacted at for his incredible […]

  2. Reblogged this on Peter Cook's Musings – The Music of Business and commented:
    Simon Heath’s work in corporate graphic illustration – an absolute joy. Contact him for your next conference at, or for a full assault on your synapses, hire Julie, Simon and myself for some “art, OD and rock’n’roll” at your next conference.

  3. Love your work Simon, which I saw via Peter Cook’s Linkedin group. I’m the author of Creative Thinking for Dummies, and would like to hook up to explore possibilities. Are you on Linkedin – I couldn’t find you. I’m on there as David Cox FCIM if you want to check out my profile.

    1. Hi David and thanks very much for the kind feedback. I would love to connect to explore opportunities. Will connect via LinkedIn and drop you a line to see if we can find a suitable time to talk. In the meantime I’m off to check out your info and book.

      All the best


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  5. […] are now even apps that can help you Sketchnote without having to worry about pen and paper. And here’s a link to an example of my own […]

  6. […] leader in the field and secondly, I was able to include Corporate Artist and all round good egg Simon Heath in the work.  He was an absolute rock’n’roll star in New York, and as I write this, I’m just […]

  7. […] sketchnotes are a great way of keeping a unique record of what you see and hear while you’re with a […]

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