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I’m using this post to announce a new Twitter/Blog crossover challenge. Where the Big 152 Twitter Experiment is all about visuals, this one is pretty much all about words. 3 words to be precise.
In week ending Friday 12th April, I will publish a new blogpost. However, in a departure from my normal methodology, the subject of that blogpost will be entirely down to my Twitter followers and their extended social media networks.
Starting from today, with a closing deadline of midnight (British Summer Time) on Friday 5th of April, submissions of one word only may be made on Twitter using the hashtag #workmusingchallenge.
The more submissions the better, so I encourage you to retweet/share the link to this post as often and as widely as possible. Once the deadline has passed, the submissions will be collated and passed to Mr David Goddin (@ChangeContinuum) who has kindly agreed to act as an independent selector. David will, without disclosing his methods to me, randomly select three words from those submitted.
These three words together will form the subject matter of the following week’s blogpost.
Each individual may submit as many individual words as they wish. Profanities will be excluded for firewall reasons alone.
I hope that the resulting blogpost will be as witty and intelligent as regular readers have come to expect as much as it may be challenging to write.
Updates will come via Twitter as the challenge progresses.


  1. There has been a wonderfully diverse range of submissions on Twitter and the 3 randomly selected words are…

    – Sabotage
    – Summer
    – Greed

    Looking forward to your blog post!

    1. Thank you for your help in selecting the three words David and thank you also to all those of you who were kind enough to submit words. These are three challenging words indeed to stitch together into one post. Watch this space for the results!

  2. Natasha Stallard (@StirTheSource) · · Reply


    That is a challenge indeed. Looking forward to it Simon

  3. […] challenge I set myself and my Twitter followers. You can read about the background to the challenge here. The three words that were chosen by my glamorous assistant, the lovely David Goddin, are to be […]

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