A Visual Guide To Workplace Myths – A Companion Piece

As some of you may be aware by now, in addition to tweeting, blogging and writing on workplace issues, I also produce cartoons on the subject. The following series of cartoons were provided to accompany an excellent Twitter dialogue that became the iconic #workplacemyths Storify curated by the incomparable Neil Usher (@workessence). You can find the storify here http://storify.com/workessence/workplace-myths and Neil’s further reflections on it here http://workessence.com/the-revolution-will-probably-be-storified/

Whilst cartoons can be light-hearted, they can be a very simple yet powerful way of getting messages across and have even been described as “brain enhancers”. The New Yorker (a publication with an excellent history of cartooning) carried an superb piece on the subject earlier this month. You can find it here: http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/culture/2013/03/this-is-your-brain-on-cartoons.html?mobify=0

The excellent Doug Shaw (@dougshaw1) has also been writing recently on Creative Leadership and his latest blogpost on Memorative Art is great reading. You can find it here: http://stopdoingdumbthingstocustomers.com/creative/creative-leadership-memorative-art/



We know


The two images below weren’t part of the original series but are tangentally relevant.

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