CARTOONIFY – The Practicalities

I thought it would be helpful (if only to make sense of it myself) to explain exactly how my big Twitter experiment (see previous blogpost) is going to work. Ultimately I’ll have an interesting and detailed cartoon of all of those 152 followers but they are going to need to know when they’ve been added so that they can find themselves when updates are published.

So, listed at the bottom of this post are all 152 of their Twitter usernames.
Those shown in bold on the list have already been featured in the first release (see image below).

As each release is published, I will include an updated list with the new additions in bold red. I will also tweet the new image and a link to the relevant blogpost. Once all 152 followers are included, I will publish a key to the final image.

Feedback thus far has been universally encouraging and I am very grateful to those who have let me know how much they are enjoying watching the experiment unfold.

Just one more thing. For all of the listed accounts I will only ever include or reference anything that is already in the public domain either via Twitter, blogposts or other electronic media. The only exception to this rule will be when I know someone personally in real life and I know them well enough that they will appreciate the additional thoughtfulness of the image I choose with which to reference them. Where a number of followers are inter-related (e.g. @occupiers and @paulcarder), I may incorporate a number of usernames into a single object.

In mathematics, 152 is a Harshad number. The word “Harshad” comes from the Sanskrit harṣa (joy) + da (give), meaning joy-giver. Neat, eh?

THE 152


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