CARTOONIFY – A Twitter Experiment

Since taking up Twitter in earnest late last year, I’ve really appreciated the effort taken to Storify events that are of interest to me both personally and professionally.
However, I have wondered how it might play out visually. Artists like the amazing team at Creative Connection bring conversations to life in the room and in real time. But what if you could get close virtually?
Well here’s where I’ve decided to challenge myself. Initially limited to the 152 followers I have on 2nd March 2013, I’m going to cartoonify my followers. I will look at their tweets and their Twitter bios and draw them in to a cartoon version of my timeline.
This is purely an exercise aimed at letting me flex my artistic muscles but it could be much more…


One comment

  1. Fun! Love the idea, interested to see how it will play out, and am certain it will be cool. As one of those limited edition 154, I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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