Eureka! A Yahoo! Moment?

Well, hasn’t this decision by Yahoo! got everyone in a spin!
Of course the spin being put on it differs greatly depending on the particular lens through which you view the world of work.
No more “The Office is Dead” or perhaps the last throw of the dice of Taylorism.
For me, the announcement neatly encapsulates a number of issues that seem to currently preoccupy many of the leading lights in workplace management. It also returns me to a theme I’ve touched on before – Choice.
The nature of the choices before us depend greatly on individual circumstance. But some of the choices we make can have the power to lift us out of circumstances that are not beneficial to our needs or desires. The suffragette movement ultimately gave women a long-denied opportunity to choose their elected representatives. Flexibility at work is yet one more step toward equality but, like universal suffrage, the extent to which circumstance changing choice is available differs wildly. Access to a basic education in the developing world is one example. Another is the way in which lack of flexibility in working hours or place of work disproportionately affects the choices of working parents of both sexes.
We are, however, never entirely bereft of choice. Just as when our elected representatives disappoint us and serve their own or vested interests leads us to vote for an alternative, so a decision by a corporation to remove a choice to work flexibly might lead to a choice of another employer. Equally, there will be those whose choice is to work for an employer who does not offer flexibility.
Some people can undoubtedly excel when offered flexibility. Others will not.
So long as we still have choice.
When choice is absent then so is hope.
One can also choose to remain silent no more and choose to use one’s voice to agitate for change.


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