Snow White & The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People


It’s been said that there are no new stories under the sun. If this is true there’s no need to buy the latest tome from the management guru du jour. We should be able to learn all we need to know from existing narratives.

For this to be even remotely convincing we’d need to try a little experiment.

Let’s take a well known fable and see if some tips for becoming an effective manager present themselves. The tale I’ve chosen is Jack and the Beanstalk and I’ve used a plot summary from Wikipedia ( I can identify at least 7 important lessons.

Lesson 1
Delegate clearly and to a person (or team) with the right level of experience.
Lesson 2
Give your sales team a proper pricing structure to work within.
Lesson 3
Be sure to ask appropriate questions during the sales process.
Lesson 4
Unless contractually defined, never accept payment in kind.
Lesson 5
Beware of investments that promise an uncertain or undefined return.
Lesson 6
Be sure to undertake a full risk assessment before reinvesting
Lesson 7
Ensure you have a valid Working At Height permit

So, that’s seven lessons from just one story that first appeared in print in 1807.
Keep a look out for the following titles we can expect to see appearing on executive bookshelves soon:
Jack And The Beancounters
The Sorcerer’s Unpaid Intern
Upping The Ante And The Grasshopper
The Princess And The Blog
Little Red Tweeting Hood
The Gingerbread Manager
The Pied Pie Charts Of Hamelin
Sleeping Bureaucracy
Thumbelean Processes


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