I’m going to be asking for your help so bear with me. Since being made redundant in June 2012, I’ve decided to keep abreast of happenings in the world of work via social media. I’ve taken to Twitter (you can find me @SimonHeath1) and have a weather eye on LinkedIn and only really use Facebook for staying in touch with non-professional friends and family. I’ve also been impressed by some of the more erudite bloggers on work, workplaces, workplace psychology, learning & development and technology (both as service and enabler). Blogging clearly represents an opportunity to expand my thoughts beyond 140 characters. There are also some rules of the road to successful blogging and this is where I hope you can assist. I would ask you to be open and honest with any comments you choose to leave. I’m only going to get any good at this if you help point me in the right direction and you’re only going to continue to read what I post if it’s interesting, well written, candid and (hopefully) witty. Let’s see how that goes…


One comment

  1. That’s the way to start blogging Simon – look forward to more!

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